Going green economy

Health care costs for the elderly will strain resources, while the smaller working population will struggle to produce enough income tax revenue to support these rising costs. You can also receive discounts by making your home a greener one. Environmental education in schools e.

In some cases, codes are written so local governments can adopt them as bylaws to reduce the local environmental impact of buildings. In its simplest expression, such an economy is low carbon, efficient and clean in production, but also inclusive in consumption and outcomes, based on sharing, circularity, collaboration, solidarity, resilience, opportunity, and interdependence.

Massive Savings in Energy Costs: Conference of Mayors released a report that finds the U.

Solar jobs growing 17 times faster than US economy

Employees will grow to appreciate the gestures and see that you care about the environment and you may even be able to pass good habits onto them. Water conservation Reducing water consumption and protecting water quality are key objectives in sustainable building. Website City of Freiburg. Park with bike path along the Dreisam River Source: Here are 21 good reasons why to go green.

Through their use of the Greenlist Process a system that ranks your impact on the environment by evaluating the raw materials you usethe company has slashed 1.

Going Green

Madison conservative visits the car-light Vauban neighborhood in Freiburg. The protection and conservation of water throughout the life of a building may be accomplished by designing for dual plumbing that recycles water in toilet flushing or by using water for washing of the cars.

Creating a high performance luminous environment through the careful integration of daylight and electrical light sources will improve on the lighting quality and energy performance of a structure. Improved health means less spending on insurance products and hospital bills.

Using less number of vehicles on road means less pollution in air and less money spent on gasoline and car maintenance. Please help improve this section by clarifying or removing superfluous information.

The Photovoltaics Industry Forum was held inand the Intersolar conference was held in Freiburg every year from to with 53, visitors in its last year. When you create an eco-friendly home, you are creating a more durable one. Green cleaning and skin products do not contain toxic and harmful chemicals.

Numerous studies have shown the measurable benefit of green building initiatives on worker productivity. Changing religious values, the emancipation of women and their increasing participation in the workforce, and higher costs of childcare and education have all factored into declining fertility rates.

Residential electricity is often charged on electrical energy kilowatt hourkWh. EPA studies indicate indoor levels of pollutants may be up to ten times higher than outdoor levels.

Eating organic food will also make you a healthier person as it does not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides and added hormones. Long famous for its cathedral, university, and cuckoo clocks, Freiburg is now also famous as a “Green City.” It excels in the areas of transportation, energy, waste management, and land conservation, and has created a green economy that perpetuates even more environmental progress.

Larry Atencio is steering his Ford Explorer through the streets of Pueblo, Colo., pointing out how the city is going green. There’s the site of. Paul Rak is a businessman, not an environmental activist.

But when he realized eco-friendly changes could save him money, double his equipment and allow him to hire more workers at his southern Ontario metal fabrication plant, he couldn't refuse.

“It’s a huge misnomer to say, ‘Oh, it’s going. Companies have started going green to help reduce cost and find alternative to the natural burdens of the economy by using eco friendly services and products. Car companies like Toyota have gone green to look for another alternative to rising fuel prices and better gas mileage.

Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both a structure and the application of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

This requires close cooperation of. GreenBiz advances the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. Through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research, GreenBiz promotes the potential to drive transformation and accelerate progress — within companies, industries and in the very nature of business.

Going green economy
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Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy