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It is also used occasionally for associating the speed of a reader with the amount they have read. Minimum string distance error rate The minimum string distance MSD is the number of "primitives" which is the number of insertions, deletions, or substitutions to transform one string into another.

Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboardshe had maintained wpm for 50 minutes, and wpm for shorter periods, with a peak speed of wpm. Please see discussion on the linked talk page. The two advantages of this technique include: Incorrect Fixed IF keystrokes are found in the input stream, but not the transcribed text, and are not editing keys.

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Therefore, "brown" counts as one word, but "mozzarella" counts as two. Participants are allowed to enter text naturally, since they may commit errors and correct them.

With the current technology, document preparation is more about using word-processors as a composition aid, changing the meaning of error rate and how it is measured.

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The benefits of a standardized measurement of input speed are that it enables comparison across language and hardware boundaries. The two classes Correct and Incorrect Not Fixed comprise all of the characters in transcribed text. Wrona also maintained wpm on a minute test taken on hi-games.

Two of the most notable online records that are considered genuine are In the past, using a typewriter, speed was measured with a stopwatch and errors were tallied by hand.

William Soukoreff and I. Use of this method may also prevent the typist from being able to see what has been typed without glancing away from the keys. Some use just two fingers, while others use fingers.

CPM has also been applied to 20th century printers, but modern faster printers more commonly use PPM pages per minute.

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Hunt and peck Hunt and peck two-fingered typingalso known as Eagle Finger,[ citation needed ] is a common form of typing in which the typist presses each key individually. For the purposes of WPM measurement a word is standardized to five characters or keystrokes. Deconstructing the text input process Through analysis of keystrokes, the keystrokes of the input stream were divided into four classes: The speed of an Afrikaans -speaking operator in Cape Town can be compared with a French -speaking operator in Paris.

Alphanumeric entry In one study of average computer users, the average rate for transcription was 33 words per minute, and 19 words per minute for composition. Fixes F keystrokes are easy to identify, and include keystrokes such as backspace, delete, cursor movements, and modifier keys.

An average professional typist reaches 50 to 80 wpm, while some positions can require 80 to 95 wpm usually the minimum required for dispatch positions and other typing jobsand some advanced typists work at speeds above wpm. People using self-taught typing strategies were found to be as fast as trained typists These key stroke classification are broken down into the following 1.

Scott MacKenzie, has led to a discovery of the application of a well-known algorithm. Research performed by R.


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This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer 8 or higher and Firefox 3.x or higher. Typing is the process of writing or inputting text by pressing keys on a typewriter, computer keyboard, cell phone, or calculator.

It can be distinguished from other means of text input, such as handwriting and speech recognition.

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Text can be in the form of letters, numbers and other symbols.

Typewriting services singapore zoo
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